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Helping with Mark Knight's funeral

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 22:00

32.881678,-111.854982,Francisco Grande, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

How you can help: http://ozreport.com/18.40#3

Merle Louck<<treasurer>> writes:

I would like to express my appreciation for your help. Mark did not have life insurance, all donations will be going towards the immediate costs.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed we have raised $2446, as of late Wednesday night.

Yes it helps!

Marla extends her sincere gratitude. She is doing well, but it will take time.

This is so unfortunate and this monetary gift will help ease some of the issues she must deal with.

Thank you for your donation. I am honored to be associated with such genuine people. This flying community is remarkable.

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West Australian State Hang Gliding Competition

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 22:00

Des Hill<<deslightfly>> writes:

West Australian State HG Competition, hosted by the Goldfields Dust Devils Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club http://www.goldfieldsdustdevils.com/  started on Sunday 23rd Feb following a practice day on the Saturday 22nd. Four Teams are listed with a full range of Novice, Intermediate and Advanced pilots participating.

It is a ground tow event in the inland Western Australia wheat belt, based at Westonia, a tiny mining and farming community town. The countryside has a good network of gravel and sealed roads and the farming community are very friendly. The launch paddock is about 1,200 ft amsl and base is more often than not over 8,000 ft amsl. Summertime temperatures are usually in the mid to high 30’s Celcius with the occasional days over 40. Winds tend to be moderate or down to light and scariable.

It is a true feel good event with lots of knowledge being shared amongst participants and given the huge range of hours, ratings, ability and equipment; there is a lot to learn for newbies.

Practice day was successful with plenty of pilots taking advantage of the opportunity to get on the tow line, sort out gear and get used to the environment. Winds were from the NE and light but patient pilots got to launch as it would straighten from time to time.

Day 1 with a fairly short triangle task of 61.5 km saw hot conditions with nil to light winds. This meant launching was difficult at best and a wind change saw a strip change that took a good chunk out of the launch time available. Only 4 pilots got away with 2 late departures just before 5.00 pm making goal in just under 2 hours. Day winner was Jason Kath in open class and best intermediate was Duncan De Koning who had departed at 3.00 pm and flew for hours and completed almost 58 kms of the task, a mighty fine effort. Ross Smith, a local, flew his first cross country in 20 years. Apart from missing the turnpoints, it was a significant effort.

Day 2 saw improved conditions with more consistent though light breeze from the SSW most of the day. An 85 km Task was set with a downwind leg to the first turnpoint (which doubled as goal for novices) a crosswind leg to a second turnpoint (goal for intermediates) and a up/crosswind back to launch paddock for advanced. 4 pilots completed the task, 3 of them in around 2 hours. 13 of 17 pilots got out of the paddock. Scott Brotherwood did his first good height gain of 4,800 ft and his first thermaling cross country. His effort was soundly eclipsed by Gordon Bishop, flying a Fun190, on his first ever cross country. Gordon managed almost 26 kms of the task on what was the stand out flight of the day. Gordon gets big points for his team, having made Novice Goal and extra distance down the course line.

Day 3 we are expecting stronger winds, cooler temps and a tougher task for the advanced pilots.


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Bob in Puerto Rico

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 20:50
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Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 20:50


Thanks to Jim Gibson.

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2014 USHPA Spring BOD meeting agenda

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 20:49

The competition committee agenda here: https://www.ushpa.aero/member_file.asp?id=521

1. One comp application for sanctioning review

2. Hang glider Sport Class discussion, strategy going forward

3. One change (already approved previously, but not published) for the manual with respect to team selection

4. Presentation/approval of the cross country league categories and scoring rules

5. Discuss new requirements for managing issuance of FAI Sporting Licenses to comply with new FAI/NAA requirements effective 3/11/14.

6. Update committee on current requirements for competition class paragliders coming from CIVL.

7. Update committee on current requirements for competition hang glider prototype control coming from CIVL.

8. Review Competition Committee and USHPA staff responsibilities in reviewing accreditation for ACE events.


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SeeYou 6.03

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 20:38


The latest version of SeeYou is 6.03:


Version 6.03

+ Registration through SeeYou Cloud – like Android and iOS
+ Hints, tips and other warnings will now appear unobtrusively in the tray
+ Anti-alias for airspace and waypoints
+ Waypoints are now displayed with outlined fonts
+ SeeYou Competition can evaluate task stored in IGC file
- Bug fix: Upload in SeeYou Competition sometimes uploaded all files
- Many performance improvements
- Bug fixes

Many significant improvements for SeeYou are on the way although not yet prominently visible in this version.

After your install SeeYou 6.03, registration of SeeYou has become as simple as it gets. All you need to do is use your email address to login to SeeYou Cloud from within the SeeYou registration dialog (Help > Registration). Everything else is automatic and will work cross-platform on your Windows, iOS, Android and Mac computers. After you install SeeYou 6 it should register to the new system automatically.

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Helping with Mark Knight's funeral

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 04:03

William Bennett writes:

We are helping Mark Knight's family pay for funeral expenses. We have started a link through the local club where friends can donate through PayPal (credit cards work fine) to the local club in Mark Knight's name.

1) Go to http://www.azhpa.org.

2) Scroll down to the Donate button on the left hand side. Click it.

3) Type in an amount and logon to PayPal or if you don't have a PayPal account, click Continue above the credit card symbol, enter your name and credit card info, click Continue

4) Click "Special instructions to the seller", enter “Mark Knight."

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One record per flight

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 02:43

records <<record>> sends:

FAI has cancelled the following Class O (Hang Gliding and Paragliding)
World record:
Claim number : 16970
Sub-class : O-1 (HG with a rigid primary structure / controlled by weight shift)
Category : General
Type of record : Free out-and-return distance
Course/location : Cerro Ballena - Caleta Paquica - Cerro Ballena (Chile)
Performance : 353 km
Pilot : Thomas Weissenberger (Austria)
Hang Glider : Litespeed RS 3.5 / Moyes Delta Gliders
Date : 03.11.2013
Current record : no record set yet
Reason for cancellation: Withdrawn by NAC

I wrote to Tom to ask him why they withdrew the record claim (although I already knew what the answer would be). He wrote:

On the 353 km flight I put two claims (declared + free out-return) as you could see, thinking you can catch two records with one flight. When making the proper claim, we were told you cannot make two claims on one flight. So we went for 353 km declared and 339 km free  The 343 km free out-return was messed up by our national aero-club and my claim wasn't sent in during the first week.

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Oudie 3 hang gliding version

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 02:42

Matjaz Klemencic writes:

The amazing Oudie 3 hang gliding version is nearly here. Check the speaker/pitot tube in the middle front, looking forward to fly it!

Andrej Kolar writes:

We have introduced it this weekend at the Thermik Messe in Germany and the feedback from the hang glider pilots who could see it in action seems overwhelming!

It is Oudie 3 in hang gliding package with integrated pitot-tube. Encouraged by the knowledge gained in sailplane and paragliding versions of the Oudie we went for a radical hang gliding only design of the housing which will mount easily on your existing speed bar mount.

We are now taking pre-orders and expect to start delivering the devices in April, maybe sooner!


We are planning to ship the "droplet" alone as a product. A base tube mount will be sold separately as an accessory. That is because it seems that each hang glider pilot already has something that attaches well to their speed bar. We have designed the droplet to have a thread at the bottom of the pod.

The thread we will put on at the end of the Droplet will be 1/4" standard thread.


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USHPA membership survey about the USHPA web site

Oz Report - Wed, 26/02/2014 - 02:41

Survey here.

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CIVL Plenary report

Oz Report - Tue, 25/02/2014 - 00:35

From CIVL <<stefmalbos>> or https://twitter.com/xcmag:

Helmets: EN966, EN1077-A. EN1077-B, ASTM2040, SNELL RS98 all allowed.

Hang gliding stopped task rule, same as paragliding rule but 5:1 glide from altitude above goal at stop time hang gliding only.

FS scoring may handle the 5:1 glide after a stopped task. SeeYou scoring (and Soaring Spot) doesn't.

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Gliding squirrels

Oz Report - Mon, 24/02/2014 - 23:23


The flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) does not actually fly — it glides. When a squirrel leaps from its perch in a tall tree, it spreads its limbs, stretching out its two patagia (thick, furred membranes that extend from its wrists to its ankles). In this way, a squirrel less than 10 inches long (including a tail almost half that length) can, in a single bound, cover 150 feet or more, gliding through the treetops effortlessly.

A nighttime jump through a dense canopy of leaves and branches requires keen senses, and the squirrel is suitably equipped. The enormous, soft brown eyes that make them so irresistible to humans are actually a significant part of the squirrels’ survival strategy. A squirrel triangulates with movements of its head before making its longest leaps, suggesting an advanced spatial sense.

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Mark Knight dies in Dragonfly crash

Oz Report - Mon, 24/02/2014 - 23:23

Matt Barker writes:

He was getting ready to land the tug yesterday evening and it spun in and we lost Mark.


An eye witness reports:

Buzzing the field low to drop the tow rope after a busy day towing. Suddenly the nose went up very steeply, the plane turned left, three spirals then impact. Dragonfly hasn't been moved. Not sure if linkage broke or what happened to cause the nose to rise up.

So this could be an issue of the plane breaking.



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Clearing the memory banks

Oz Report - Mon, 24/02/2014 - 23:23

Christoph Huber posts:

Happened in October of 2013 but didn't share at first, I needed some time to recap for myself. I was very lucky to walk away from this with "only" a pretty bad concussion and a compressive injury of my spine, but no fractures, fortunately. (And about two Days of my life got cleared from my memory)

Video here.

I think I've had enough speed for the final turn and approach, but it looks like I overestimated the airspeed after the last turn and underestimated the slope of the landing site. Watching the video you can see that I had to slow down a bit in order to get over that last tree safely, so if the downwind leg of my approach would have been clear of obstacles I probably would have had that extra 10 k I thought I was having.  What I take with me from this, besides the occasionally aching neck, is that I won't try maneuvers like this at landing sites with restricted obstacle clearance again.

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2014 US National Competitions

Oz Report - Mon, 24/02/2014 - 23:22

All the USHPA National level hang gliding competitions are USHPA and CIVL sanctioned.


All of the following competitions have been sanctioned by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA). That means that pilots who fly in them will be awarded National Team Selection System points (NTSS), http://www.ushpa.aero/competition/ntss1/index.php, which count toward selecting the US National team that goes to the World Championship.

The Flytec Americus Cup, The Big Spring Nationals, and The Santa Cruz Flats Race are designated by the USHPA as meets that count toward choosing the US National Champion (Class 1, Class 2, Class 5, Sport, and Women's). Previously the US National Champion was chosen at a single competition (the US National Championships), but this is not longer the case. Now the results from these three competitions (so far) will determine who is the champion.

The Flytec Americus Cup, The Big Spring Nationals, The East Coast Championship and The Santa Cruz Flats Race also have CIVL Category 2 sanctioning. They are listed on the CIVL competition calendar: http://www.fai.org/civl-events/civl-events-calendar-and-results. The USHPA is responsible for sending in the applications for CIVL sanctioning, which is paid for by the meet organizers. Any competition that wishes to be part of the National Champion selection process needs to be CIVL category 2 sanctioned as per the rules made by the USHPA Competition Committee at their Fall 2013 meeting.

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Mexico is not Australia

Oz Report - Sat, 22/02/2014 - 00:35

Wolfgang Siess writes:

Not a good start for me here in Mexico. Got to Mexico City and while we were loading gliders on the car at the airport my backpack with laptop, three cameras, all my three hard drives iPod and some others stuff, got stolen out of Rudy's car right next to us. It sucks so bad all my work from the last years is gone photos, videos, files, just all everything and more. Nothing I can do now, but it sucks so bad.

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2014 New South Wales State Titles

Oz Report - Fri, 21/02/2014 - 23:38

Facebook page here.

Photo by Dustan.

Carl Wallbank is the only one at goal, with Jonny a few meters short apparently. The day is worth only 368 points and Carl is in the lead. Task was 89.73 km straight north to Bingara.

Day 6, task 2:

# Name Glider Time Dist. Total 1 Carl Wallbank Moyes LS RX 3.5 02:48:19 89,73 368 2 Jon Durand Jnr Moyes LS RX 3.5   89,66 336 3 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes LS RX 3.5   78,54 308 4 Paul Kelley Airborne Rev 14.5   63,40 272 5 Don Gardner Moyes LS RS 4   14,70 168 5 Bruce Wynne Moyes LS RX 4   14,86 168 7 Rohan Taylor Moyes RS4   13,73 165 8 Nils Vesk Moyes RX3.5   12,58 160 9 Tony Masters Moyes RX 3   11,54 156 10 Rod Flockhart Moyes RX 3.5   11,48 155


# Name Glider Total 1 Carl Wallbank Moyes LS RX 3.5 387 2 Jon Durand Jnr Moyes LS RX 3.5 355 3 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes LS RX 3.5 326 4 Paul Kelley Airborne Rev 14.5 284 5 Bruce Wynne Moyes LS RX 4 189 6 Don Gardner Moyes LS RS 4 180 7 Rod Flockhart Moyes RX 3.5 179 8 Rohan Taylor Moyes RS4 177 9 Nils Vesk Moyes RX3.5 172 10 Jerry Furnell Airborne REV 13.5 159 10 Shannon Black Moyes RS 3.5 159 10 Simon West Sting 3 168 159
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Jim Rooney is the pilot?

Oz Report - Fri, 21/02/2014 - 23:37

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwy8g4tp1r4#t=101 (http://dai.ly/xkl5rn)

Playboy naked hang glider video has been pulled. Jim Rooney was indeed the tandem pilot. The girls that went with him got cold, but they didn't seem to mind Jim says. He wasn't at the beach with them, where it was warmer. If the video has been put up somewhere else, let us know. Jim has a copy.

Bonus videos: http://dai.ly/xkkia7 http://dai.ly/xk7rql

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France in winter at the coast

Oz Report - Fri, 21/02/2014 - 23:36

Frédéric Thibaudeau created this video: www.atlantiquedelta.fr

Secret spot says Alex Brieba.

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