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2014 Coyote Howl

Oz Report - Fri, 02/05/2014 - 23:43

McClure, central California.


MLSR 2014 Coyote Howl Events
Only $30 to get in on the action
T-shirts by our own Doug “dirty” will be available for sale
Keel stands made by Tim M will be available for $25 S
Saturday May 17 Rides to launch at 0730
Speed gliding 0900 – 1000, Two classes - two courses.
Spot Landing - Cleanest landing near the spot
This will be open all day, landings from Speed run will be included
Iron pilot “Duration” Pilot with the most airtime in a single flight takes it
Cross country Does not have to be declared… where will you go ? “lakebed” is a designated LZ and DOES NOT count
Horse Shoe dash - Pilot with the most round trips from the “South Point” wind sock to Horse shoe peak Pylon course Pilot who can reach the most check points

* You do not have to pay the entry fee to join the fun, remember this is a fly in fundraiser. Pilots and Guest MUST pay MID day use fee or have a valid MID park sticker. All any cash/check donations can be placed in the MLSR iron pig in the LZ or given to Jay Bass.


There will no doubt be outbreaks of pilot camping complete with TIWTIWGTD stories around the camp fire this year at the Horseshoe Bend Campgrounds. PLEASE NOTE: If you enter the campsites, please pay the day use fee. The Rangers are sensitive about this so please show respect. Thank you. Http://www.lakemcclure.com/camping/horseshoe_bend.html

Some love the “no lights” camping areas of Horseshoe Bend Recreation Area Campground which have the feel of being in a remote area.


The nearest gas stations are Don Pedro Market and the one near the other side of Don Pedro.


The nearby town of Coulterville has a good restaurant and bar near the historic Hotel Jeffery. There rooms still available for these dates so visit their site or give them a call at 209-878-3471. Http://www.hoteljefferygold.com/

Tiny Coulterville ranked fourth among the top 10 true Western towns for 2011, according to True West Magazine. Hotel Jeffery is among Coulterville’s 42 buildings or sites that are state historic landmarks.

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Oz Report - Fri, 02/05/2014 - 04:21

Conditions of use !

• Event's page on Airtribune is your contest's official website;

• Your contest's official and the only registration form is on your Airtribune 's page;

• Announce event's page on Airtribune as official on FAI calendar, social media and other sites.

• Publish contest's news on your Airtribune page first - repost after;

• Publish 3+ reports during each event's day:

• Morning - weather forecast, 1-3 photos;

• Day - task details and commentaries.

• Evening - results, tracks upload, photos, videos.

• Use only Airtribune live tracking;

• Publish summary article and awarding header photo, official results and winners photos.

• English language is obligatory, others on your choice.

• Alcohol and tobacco ads are prohibited.


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2014 St Andre Open

Oz Report - Fri, 02/05/2014 - 04:17

Erick Angles <<stress.less>> writes:


That’s the surprise I was keeping under my sleeve: After confirmation from the developer today, I am very pleased to announce that this championship will be used as a test for the livetracking system developed by the FFVL (which already works for paragliding). This is the first time that a French hang gliding comp will use the famous "livetracking" system! However, there is still a module to develop which is the one allowing the display of the task on the map but the developer is very confident. You understand that this is completely experimental and for now, it only works with devices running Android. This means that we will not be providing actual trakers and that only the pilots with Android devices will be able to use it this year…


The waypoints in various formats are available for download through the Facebook page of the event but also from the website. Sadly, this doesn’t prevent you from the traditional registration process as stated on the website:


FAI License – IPP5:

I emphasize the fact that all competing pilots need an FAI license as well as an IPP5 card in order to participate to the comp. The registered pilots who do not hold these don’t have much time left to take care of it. You can check here :


Here’s the Facebook page for the event:


We are finalizing the details for the ‘diner party’ included in the registration fee. That should take place on Saturday 10th…

I am also very excited by the fcat that we have officialized a full partnership between Atout Vents and Cross Country Magazine and Brauniger whom will be giving away lots of prizes for the five podiums (Open, Class 1, Class 5, Sport's Class and Women) including free subscriptions to Cross Country magazine, Hang Gliding Books and DVDs etc. It's not prize money yet but someday.

Finally, there’s only today left to pay the registration fee with the penalties so get your credit cards out of your wallet and click on pay now.

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Flying in Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh, India

Oz Report - Wed, 30/04/2014 - 23:18


A first video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex7RO8u5gvo

A pictured report here (scroll down for English translation): http://www.abschweb.de/fleunde/windfried/hindu.htm

Bir-Billing at the southern edge of the Indian Himalayas without doubt can be counted among the best flying sites in the world. A passable forest road leads up to the launch sites. For the launch space, not a single bush needed to be cut for ideal take off opportunities in three directions. The flying region was discovered in the 1980's by hang glider pilots. With their at that time seemingly usual cocky occurrence and outrageous sense of entitlement towards the local farmer society they quickly made themselves unpopular. This was repelled subtlety by the local population. Only years later with the paraglider boom free flight became a substantial component of the local economy.

Bir is a very well established paragliding site, with decent road, nice Hotels and an ample landing field. Going over the back there is another chapter, meaning You fly into extrem terrain. A look at the map shows however, that within glide there are the Barot valley and the Kullu valley with distinct landing opportunities and good roads for retrieval.

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Oz Report - Wed, 30/04/2014 - 23:18

Daniel Vélez Bravo <<danielvelezbravo>> writes:

I've been looking at some of the latest paragliding championships online while working on the office. I came upon the Airtribune web site.

It's a really cool implementation of tracking/scoring/competition website, with really great visual improvements.

They have finally opened up their site for setting up competitions. It's free and while I haven't been able to test drive it on a meet, I will try to put something up and running during our next four day local meet here on Colombia.

They also have an Android application that supports sending out tracking information using your Android phone. It has a one sec interval with buffering when you are out of cell coverage, so you can "score" your entire competition without the need to download a single track, relying entirely on the track sent by your Android phone. It looks really promising.


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Tandem from the hills in Canada

Oz Report - Wed, 30/04/2014 - 23:17


Immediately after the accident, acting on behalf of the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada, I began an accident investigation. The investigation concluded in the summer of 2012. Recommendations were formulated over the fall and in late 2012, submitted to the HPAC via a senior instructors seminar in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Eventually the legal system slowly formulated it’s response and on February 11th 2014 our flying community saw the legal conclusion to the story of this tragic event. The legal system found the pilot guilty of “criminal negligence causing death” and has sentenced the pilot to 5 months in jail (and a series of other court assigned penalties).

The accidental omission of a basic, accepted procedure resulted in the death of Lenami Godinez-Avila, a person with far too much life left to live. The Godinez-Avila family and friends have all suffered a great loss. The pilot found responsible has undergone a permanent dramatic life altering event and will be his burden for life. There is no resolution that can possibly appear “just” or “proper”, sadly all the parties must live with what it has become.

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Lawyer gone wild

Oz Report - Tue, 29/04/2014 - 23:45

The article here.

The family of a 28-year-old Mexican woman killed while tandem hang-gliding is suing the instructor who was given five moths in jail for causing her death, as well as the sport’s governing associations.

The organizations are alleged to be endangering the public by not ensuring that launch and flying sites are chosen, constructed and operated in a safe manner.

The plaintiffs also claim the groups have demonstrated a “wanton and callous disregard for public safety” by “failing to ensure the public is advised that the inherently dangerous activity of hang gliding is being undertaken without government regulation, supervision and/or oversight.”

They are accused of “mandating and/or promoting and/or encouraging hang glider operators to conceal and/or not openly discuss hang gliding incidents that result in injury and/or death…”

The suit names William Jonathan Orders, business associate Shaun Wallace, their company Hurlstone Ventures Inc. (D.B.A. Vancouver Hang Gliding), the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada, the B.C. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, the West Coast Soaring Club, ABC Company, John and Jane Doe.

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The clouds build to the east

Oz Report - Tue, 29/04/2014 - 23:37

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Shoulders take a battering

Oz Report - Tue, 29/04/2014 - 23:33

If you want to continue to fly hang gliders you'll need healthy shoulders. Unfortunately, hang glider pilots are often damaging their shoulders, which as a rule trade flexibility and range of motion for robustness. Pilot can damage their shoulders with poor landings and we've seen a number of pilots who have hurt themselves.

Here is a shot of Wolfgang Siess after his recent shoulder surgery:

He is in for a long recovery period.

A couple of years ago I tore my supraspinatus tendon in my right shoulder (rotator cuff tears explained here) when I tripped on landing and had to have surgery also. The two month recovery period was quite painful. I recently mentioned that Linda Salamone had the same surgery after tearing her supraspinatus tendon at last year's Santa Cruz Flats Race.

Last September I had a Cortisone shot in my left shoulder for an inflamed long head bicep tendon along with physical therapy. Recently I had a Cortisone shot for bursitis of my left shoulder and I'm doing more physical therapy.

The Cortisone shots reduce or eliminate the inflammation. Then the point is to do what needs to be done so that the shoulder doesn't get inflamed again. That's the point of physical therapy.

You can read more about shoulder injuries here. You can check the symptom checker here, and click on the shoulder.

The point of my physical therapy is to get the back muscles that go to the shoulder joint to be as strong as the front muscles so that the forces at the shoulder joint are balanced.  See here. You want the ball (head of humerus) in the center of the socket (glenoid cavity) and not rubbing (impinging) on the front edge.

It is easy to check to see if your back muscles (rhomboids, trapezius, deltoids, etc.) are as strong as your front (pectoral) muscles.

If you have these bands for exercise you can use them, or check them out at a sporting goods store (where you will need to determine which strength to purchase in any case). To test your pectoral strength do an internal arm rotation exercise:

To test the strength of your back muscles do an external arm rotation exercise:

Do say fifteen of each of these with the strongest band that just allows you to do the fifteen internal arm rotations. If you are not able to do the fifteen external rotations fully then your back muscles are not as strong as your pects.

I did the internal arm rotations with the purple bands (strongest) but could not do a single complete external rotation with the purple bands. Therefore it was clear that my front and back muscles are not balanced strength wise and the trouble with my left shoulder (the one that wasn't injured when I tore my rotator cuff) is that the ball is not positioned well in the shoulder socket.

This test should be a wake up call for you if you get results similar to what I have found. The differences can be very dramatic and you'll want to get the ball and socket lined up ASAP.

I now do 2 sets of 15 of external rotations with the green or red bands (no need to exercise the pects) each day. I also do a standing row exercise (see here) bringing my shoulder blades together for two seconds each time. I do the exercises before flying to warm up the shoulder.

In addition to strengthening exercises I am doing stretch exercises similar to the door way ones found here.

Here are some additional exercises for the shoulders, and here. Here are more stretches.

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It's been a cu fest in Florida for a week

Oz Report - Mon, 28/04/2014 - 23:21

On Sunday Quest was again packed with pilots flying under the cu filled sky. We had to wait until noon for the cu's to appear, but plenty of pilots and tandems were flying in the morning.

The wind was out of the south southeast at 7 mph on the ground but higher above (I recorded 15 mph). I called a triangle task to the north for Olav and I.

The lift was weak and streeted at first. In addition it was broken up by the winds. I had called a task that would be difficult to accomplish given the weak lift, low cloud base (less than 4,000') and high winds. I flew over the Olav and after circling in the crummy lift he was in headed back to Quest, after making sure that he saw that I wasn't heading north to the Turnpike and highway 33 intersection (our first designate turnpoint).

Olav went out on the course line but didn't make it back. I landed at Quest and have my glider setup hoping for a lighter wind day on Monday. The front approaches on Thursday. Summer-like weather (hot with the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms) until then.

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Live Tracking with the Onesimcard

Oz Report - Mon, 28/04/2014 - 23:21



If you cannot see your tracks live, you will need to update the settings of your onesimcard.

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2014 Pre-Worlds accident report

Oz Report - Mon, 28/04/2014 - 23:18

Miguel Gutierrez <<miguel>> sends:

1. - Overview: During the initial safety meeting and, through out the meet, organizes advised pilots to put special attention on landings. This, due to the inherent risky conditions consistent with a high altitude mountainous place like Valle de Bravo. Winds were shifty, and landing zones small and scarce.

Complaints of turbulence - especially inside the launch/start cylinder, were frequent. Although no in-air collisions or tumbles occurred.

We also saw the abandonment of pilots due to the unsatisfactory safety conditions of the area.

Finally, and as was expected, several bad landings happened. Broken down bars, for instance, were in the 2 digit mark, but this is only speculation. Valle de Bravo presents an environment demanding of the highest skill level. Reason for which - we consider, the competition was very first rate and extremely technical.

2. - Safety: The organization, through the support of local, regional and federal government, provided more than sufficient elements to guarantee an expedited attention to injured pilots.

3. - Summary of injured pilots: All injuries took place upon landing, and were attended on site with an ambulance, and in severe cases were transported to different health institutions depending on the type of insurance covering the pilot.

Day 1.- Kathleen Rigg: Experienced pilot, had flown Valle de Bravo previously, had a bad flare, resulting in a sprained wrist. She subsequently decided to not fly any more.

Day 3.- Particularly turbulent day.

Incident 1.- Rob Gregg, of Great Britain attempted to land on what from the sky looked like a rather inviting field, was surprised to find out it was a peach plantation… overshooting such field anyway, eventually coming to a stop hitting a fence. Taken to Valle de Bravo on an ambulance, to undergo surgery the next day under the French Team's doctor. For obvious reasons did not continue to fly the competition.

Incident 2.- Sun Gun Mo, South Korean pilot, only spoke Korean, landed near a way point in an ample field according to his track log, which we analyzed, set up a proper approach, to then veer off course and finally crash with the left side of his helmet. This account was from local bystanders, since the pilot did not remember the final moments of the event. His gear upon inspection revealed no apparent damage to his helmet, and his glider only suffered a broken down tube. Although his injury was minor, he presented a small hemorrhage from an ear, that and, the fact that he spoke no English or Spanish, and was in a considerable pain, led local safety and rescue authorities to demand a helicopter extraction to a bigger and more specialized hospital in Toluca city, and although he did not have any type of medical insurance, was given high priority upon arrival. He was cleared from the hospital the next day with a couple of stitches on his chin.

Incident 3.- Gabriel Lagos, local pilot, had a bad landing and had a blow to his wrist, attended on site by an ambulance to subsequently decide to have his driver take him to a private hospital of his preference where an X-ray revealed a fissure to his right radius bone. Did not continue in the competition.

Day 4 & 5.- Manuel Rivero, and Rodrigo Alva suffered cuts in their legs with no consequences other than stitches, both continued to fly the rest of the meet.

4- Summary:

Kathleen Rigg GBR 20 1/3/2014 Sprained wrist. Landing, Ambulance, rest, complete recovery.

Rob Gregg GBR 31 3/3/2014 Broken left humerus. Landing, Ambulance, surgery, complete recovery.

Sun Gun Mo S Kor 38 3/3/2014 Jaw impact, mild concussion. Landing, Helicopter extraction, stitches, complete recovery.

Gabriel Lagos Mexico 3/3/2014 Sprained wrist. Landing, Ambulance, complete recovery.

Manuel Rivero Mexico 4/3/2014 Cut to the leg. Landing, Ambulance, stitches, complete recovery.

Rodrigo Alva Mexico 5/3/2014 Cut to the leg. Landing, complete recovery.

In conclusion, launch and flight portions presented no safety issues. Very thorough hang checks were performed before launch, and aggressive pilots were approached and warned. In-cloud flying was not reported, although flying close to base was sometimes witnessed. Controlled airspaces were utilized, but to the awareness of the authorities. No serious incidents were reported.

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Attacking the Green Swamp

Oz Report - Sun, 27/04/2014 - 13:28

We decided to go around the Green Swamp with no designated turnpoints. That means that you can cut into the swamp as much as you are willing to risk. I was willing to risk a bunch to follow the clouds.


And there was a sky full of cu's.

We got up right away and headed west. After the first thermal away from Quest I didn't follow Olav to the north toward a thermal that obviously was working for him and headed further northwest to get under a cloud that took a while to turn on to 700 fpm. By then Olav had disappeared to the northwest and I didn't see him again.

I went over the Green Swamp staying south of highway 50 and getting under the cu's and then over the small fire. The lift was often weak and I had to run for the open field on the northwest side of swamp to find good lift at 1,200' AGL on the upwind side of a big cu.

With 5,000' it was easy to head south along the swamp and away from the cultivated fields to the west. It looked bluer over there. But at one point I had to head west to get under a cloud near the western edge of the swamp.

The cu's started to work a lot better going southeast from Dade City. I kept going further into the swamp to get the good looking cu's. But some were way deep in the swamp and I finally had to head for a bluer area just on the south side of the swamp.

Now the lift got weak as I searched around and then headed north up into the swamp to get on what I hoped was the upwind side of the cu's. That didn't work so I scooted back south over cultivated areas and under a small dark cu that was indeed working. But I only climbed back to 3,300'.

There was a line of cu's going from mine back to the north into the swamp. Those were the best looking cu's around and I headed under them only to find 600 fpm down. What was going on?

I turned and headed east toward a cloud a long ways away. Perhaps there would be lift under it even if I got there low. I passed Olav who had landed just to the south of me.

There was no lift and I landed in a nice big field with no wind. The people next door were very helpful.

Looks like it could be a good day tomorrow also. The whole week looks good.

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No cost to you Hang Gliding Training Camp

Oz Report - Fri, 25/04/2014 - 23:42

Billy Miller-Macleod <<billymillermacleod>> writes:

Free 3-day training camp from the 22nd of October to the 24th of October 2014.
Sites: Tamborine Mountain and Beechmont


  • Jon Durand Snr
  • Jon Durand Jnr
  • Ken Hill
  • Rod Flockhart
  • Dave Stevens
  • Dave Staver
  • Lisa Bradley

Bookings: Contact the organiser Billy Miller-Macleod; 0435 046 335; <>

This is a great opportunity for novice and intermediate pilots to improve their hang gliding skills. It is also an opportunity to enhance cross-country and competition performance under guidance from some of Australia's most skilled and experienced pilots. The Canungra Hang Gliding Classic competition follows directly after the training camp, so for those who enter, there will be two de-briefings throughout the competition week to monitor progress of pilots who attended the training camp.

Pilots are required to supply all hang gliding equipment. Pilots are encouraged to use GoPros (or any other video cameras) during the training camp so all pilots can watch in the evenings as well as helping instructors to give feedback.


  • Camping at Canungra Showgrounds - 07 5543 5904
  • Canungra Motel - 07 5543 5155
  • Canungra Hotel - 07 5543 5233

Goals for the Training Camp:

  • Procedures for setting up gliders and equipment
  • Launch and landing techniques
  • Safe flying practices
  • Improving thermal techniques
  • Cross country flying with goals dependent on pilot ability
  • Local knowledge on the flying sights and terrain
  • Set goals for future flying

All the instructors are providing their instruction at no cost. All the organization is volunteered.

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Quest in the fog

Oz Report - Fri, 25/04/2014 - 00:21

Often my photos have high resolution versions. Click on above for this one. The tree behind is ready for camping or picnicing.

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Doing the FAI triangle

Oz Report - Fri, 25/04/2014 - 00:20

On Wednesday Greg Dinauer and I did this 93 km FAI triangle task (Greg landed just 6 km short):

We had made an attempt on Tuesday but the conditions were too soft: low base, light lift, 8 mph west wind. So we tried again on Wednesday and found better lift, a little higher base, and a lighter west wind.

Olav Olsen was off first but when I pinned off at 1,200' after being towed up right after him I saw him circling low just east of me. I understand he landed and got towed again a bit later. Greg was towed up high right after me, but I was already climbing higher to 3,500' and I soon headed out as he circled up underneath me.

Our radios weren't working (my antenna - the ones I sell - was broken so I couldn't communicate and Greg's radio battery was too low to transmit), so we had to work together by visual clues. I kept waiting for him climbing slowly under cu's until I saw him low just in front of me just north of the Seminole sailplane port.  I found lift on the east side of the glider port and Greg joined me.

Notice how far off the course line we were flying. We were staying with the clouds and the roads as there are areas with more difficult retrieve southeast of Quest. Greg didn't get up as well and I pushed east along highway 474 and south from there toward Mines Road in the direction of highway 27. At Mines Road I found 800 fpm, far greater than anything that I had run into so far (and by far the strongest lift of the day). I could see Greg five kilometers to the west.

It was an easy glide to a very quiet Wallaby Ranch (Mitch and Linda were getting close to Quest Air by then) and I headed west toward the intersection of Dean Still and Rockridge. The lift was weak but as I climbed up Greg came in under me and we were flying together again.

I headed out west into a head wind spotting the lift under the cu's and watching the smoke from a fire in the Green Swamp to our northwest to see if that would be a problem. I caught the lift at 1,800' past the intersection of Dean Still and highway 33 and Greg came in under me but didn't climb as well. He headed out playing the low game.

It was a long glide to almost the 2nd turnpoint and I was down to 1,900' three kilometers from the turnpoint. The lift was 114 fpm and I was drifting back to the east away from the turnpoint. I had last seen Greg low further east.

I was climbing at less than 100 fpm at about 3,000' north of Dean Still and 3 km from the turnpoint when I spotted Greg at my altitude just south of me going for the turnpoint. He didn't see me as I chased after him thinking that were too low.

Greg made the turnpoint and I was just behind him as yet unseen at 1,700'. It was now a matter of luck. We were heading north into a west northwest wind of 7 mph. We were in the shade and it was shaded ahead for almost as long as we could glide. Would we find any lift?

Down to 1,100' Greg started to turn. I followed and suddenly Greg realized that he wasn't alone. He was just above me now. We worked lift that averaged 117 fpm and drifted east, which was at least in the general direction of Quest Air. We just hung in there.

We finally got back up to 3,300' and I headed out in front to the northeast to the next cu over the Green Swamp. Again it was light and we worked it back to 3,200'. At this point I decided to head for a much better looking cloud downwind to the east just to find better lift. I was way way off the course line (see above) which goes straight through the Green Swamp so we would never have taken that line unless we were in strong lift under good looking clouds. Greg lost track of me at this point.

I found 300+ fpm under a dark bottomed cu to 4,400' and I was just downwind of highway 33. There were plenty of big cu's ahead to the northwest. I headed upwind for them to try to get up on their western side, their upwind side. I had to push all the way upwind of the next cloud to get the good lift to 4,500', four kilometers southwest of Seminole. It looked like I have a chance to make it back to Quest. Greg looked back and was able to see me climbing there.

I headed north with positive numbers for final glide to Quest but it still looked a bit iffy to me. Down to 1,800' AGL eight kilometers out I pushed again to the west to get under the leading edge of a forming cu and found 250 fpm. This got me high enough to make goal easily.

Greg didn't get the lift he needed on final glide and even though his numbers were positive also he landed six kilometers short. After I landed I drove out and picked him up. He was happy and so was I. It was a challenging day. Linda landed at Quest and Mitch flew back to Wallaby and then came and picked Linda up.

I found out from Linda that she had torn her rotator cuff on the last day of the 2013 Santa Cruz Flats Race and that this was her first cross country flight since the surgery. She had basically the same surgery that I had and her shoulder is doing great. I also tore my Supraspinatus tendon at the Santa Cruz Flats Race but in 2012.

The FAI triangle provided a nice bump here.  Moved me into fourth place. And fifth here.

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Running Grebes

Oz Report - Fri, 25/04/2014 - 00:20

Charles Baughman <<big-bird>> writes:

I would like to celebrate Earth Day by showing one of Earth's Great Creations. These Grebe pairs are running on water at speeds of about 15 to 20 mph as a part of their courtship ceremony. I took these photos at Klamath Lakes Oregon.

Click on the photo for higher resolution version.

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